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At Pool Cover Systems of WV, we know that there are no better summer memories than time spent by the swimming pool with friends and family. We also know that maintenance and safety concerns can often add stress to what should be a carefree time. While pool covers are not what we tend to remember when we look back on our summer days, they are the behind-the-scenes hero that make those pool memories possible. We give you peace of mind with pool covers that will add both safety and convenience to your new or existing pool.

PCS of WV Proudly Works With Pool Owners and Pool Installation Contractors In WV & Surrounding States (PA, MD, VA, OH, & KY).

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We all know that the wrong kind of cover can cause safety and maintenance issues. But did you know, that the right pool cover can save you MONEY! Selecting the right one for you should be a matter of research and consideration. The right pool cover saves you money on your electric bill by retaining heat & reduce your expensive chemical usage by stopping rain water from diluting your pool water. With so many pool cover systems on the market, a well-maintained pool does not have to just be a dream. Our pool cover specialists have done the research will help you find one that works the best for you. We carry safety covers that will keep both children and pets safe. Our wide selection of covers will protect your pool from insects and debris so that you don’t have to spend all your time cleaning. Our automatic pool covers make removing the cover and putting it back on effortless and efficient. It will be the easiest step in the maintenance of your pool, saving you time and money.

Winter Pool Covers

Safety covers are designed to stretch over the pool and are secured on all sides to prevent any gaps that would allow animals or children to creep in. They are strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds, so there is no need to worry about them falling under the weight of an animal or child who may crawl on top. They are also very durable withstanding rain, snow, and other elements throughout the Winter.

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Our pool covers allow you to extend your pool season! Using a cover from Pool Cover Systems of WV allows you to open your pool earlier and close it later in the season without worry.

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Our pool cover specialists are the experts in matching the perfect pool cover to every swimming pool and every pool owner. We consider the pool type, pool shape, and need of owner in helping choose the right cover. Our goal is to make every pool what it should be - a way to escape from the world. The right cover reduces stress and allows you to sit back and enjoy. You will never take your cover for granted again.


The perfect cover without the perfect installation is just an okay cover. We don’t expect you to do it on your own. Our team of installers are trained to install your cover efficiently and correctly so that it will work for you. The care that our installers place on installing your cover means that you won’t have to give it another thought.


Our pool covers are meant to hold up through years of use, which means they can be counted on to cover and recover again and again. However, even the best of everything needs some TLC every now and then. The members of our repair team have years of knowledge in the pool cover industry and will help get your cover back in working order. Our pool owners can count on us, and that is why we have the happiest customers in the Mountain State.